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Listing ID Category   Title Location
303137 Lost: DogsMedium Australian Shepherd Louisville, Kentucky. 40208 
301511 Lost: DogsMedium-sized White Fluffy DogLouisville, Kentucky. 40207 
297880 Lost: CatsTuxedo catLouisville, Kentucky. 40245 
294028 Lost: DogsSMALL BLACK AND BROWN YORKIELouisville, Kentucky. 40229 
294072 Lost: DogsLOST / STOLEN PITBULLLouisville, Kentucky. 40219 
294070 Lost: DogsLOST/STOLEN PITBULLLouisville, Kentucky. 40219 
290475 Lost: DogsSmall Black Poodle with Red HarnessLouisville, Kentucky. 40241 
284011 Lost: DogsAward for lost YorkieLouisville, Kentucky. 40208 
280703 Lost: DogsMale Golden DoddleLouisville, Kentucky. 40259 
278454 Lost: CatsLarge whte longhaired cat with dark grey on his head and backLouisville, Kentucky. 40223 
277347 Lost: DogsSmall black & brown dogLouisville, Kentucky. 40216 
276354 Lost: DogsWhite and brown nuetered shih tzuLouisville, Kentucky. 40218 
271038 Lost: Animals / PetsMale orange tabby catLouisville, Kentucky. 40245 
268419 Lost: DogsMed dogLouisville, Kentucky. 40214 
267349 Lost: CatsLost Black & White male CatLouisville, Kentucky. 40205 
267127 Lost: DogsMedium black lab/beagle mixLouisville, Kentucky. 40223 
265075 Lost: CatsShort hair, grey female, pink collar, chippedLouisville, Kentucky. 40258 
264905 Lost: DogsLarge puppyLouisville, Kentucky. 40241 
263782 Lost: DogsSmall brown and white dog Louisville, Kentucky. 42201 
263574 Lost: DogsShepherd short hair Louisville, Kentucky. 40272 
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